Political harassment is violence, and it’s time to put a stop to it

My husband and I were at our county Dems office trying to set up our (old) projector and laptop so we can screen Knock Down the House (the new documentary about AOC and her cohorts) this Wednesday night.

I stepped outside to get a speaker out of the trunk of our car. 

A white (because of course) male who looked to be 20-ish was waiting at a stoplight in a big red truck. He saw me and yelled, “Fuck the Democratic Party. Fuck you, you cunt. Make America great again! Trump 2020!” and gunned his truck and sped off when the light turned green.

If you voted for Trump, you voted for this. You voted for a person who would embolden punk 20-year-old kids to scream obscenities at a nearly 46 year-old woman walking to her car on Main St. in a town of 33,000 people.

And if you vote for him in 2020, you are voting for this.

You are giving a green light to this.

You are saying this is okay.

Your silence says the same thing, to me. And to so many others in our community, in our state, in our nation, and in the world.

So if you don’t think this is okay, let’s hear it. I’m ready to hear from you. And I’m ready to watch you walk in and vote for someone else.

I’ll wait right here. I’m still shaking after hearing what that kid just said to me.


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