As a business, Outside Voice LLC is a for-profit philanthropic model. It is important to us that all aspects of our business strive towards the ideals that we represent with our content.

We want to establish and sustain Outside Voice as a number one community for thoughtful social change. Our business is set up to create equity and diversity and level the playing field for diverse populations.

While our company aim is to do the most amount of good possible in the world, we are not a non-profit organization for one simple reason: In order to support our mission, we must be able to donate directly to political campaigns of candidates who champion our causes, and especially to women of color. Due to campaign finance laws, we cannot legally make these contributions if we are registered as a 501(c)3 organization.

By directly supporting women of color candidates for elected office, we boost their financial coffers. Until the point at which we can remove much of the money which has been injected into politics, we need to find ways to help level the playing field for WOC who seek higher office. When more WOC are in office and have a seat at the table, they can help speed the change of laws, tax codes, and rules that reinforce the systems of white supremacy.

African American households have just 1/10th the wealth of white households in this country. Which means candidates of color have a much more limited community to tap into to get elected. We aim to help remedy that, and bring more attention to the wealth gap.

Merchandise Model

Thoughtful consumerism. We center an environmental ethic that both understands the human desire and necessity for material goods while privileging sustainable paths and the aesthetic of less is more. Quality over quantity. 50% of the profits of all merchandise will be donated directly to the campaigns of women of color or to nonprofit organizations who help encourage, train, and support candidates of color, as well as voter turnout.

Advertise for Change

Promotions with a Purpose. Our ad revenue model connects companies and organizations who support the values we hold with our audience. We cultivate deep beneficial relationships with our sponsors as a means of furthering our shared values and causes. Authenticity and integrity are key to good relationships with readers AND consumers. We look forward to closing the loop and strengthening ties between our readers and companies who support a progressive agenda.

For advertisers, we provide a venue which has a compelling value proposition: By connecting with consumers over shared values, brands can build long-term emotional connections with new and continuing customers.

In an online landscape which is often transactional, Use Your Outside Voice stands out— readers choose us not only because we supply great content, but because they know that in choosing of us, money generated is invested directly back into the causes they believe in.

Our readers believe in the power of collective action and community, but also in the importance of their own voices and decisions. By supporting the power of this community, advertisers become a part of the fabric of the community, strengthening their own brand loyalty and winning customers for life.

For more information about advertising and partnerships, please contact us: