We're using our outside voices to change the world.



We know the news can be overwhelming. So much happens every day. We'll help you learn about the issues you care about.


Find out how you can get involved in activism nationally and in your own community.


Get support through our community to help you navigate the social and political climate today. It's time to stop being overwhelmed and start using your OUTSIDE VOICE to make change.


“I’m using my outside voice” isn’t just a slogan. It’s a commitment to bring who we are and what we believe in out into the open. To refuse to let hate and bigotry win. To step beyond our comfort zones and to stand up for what is right and decent.


As a business, Outside Voice LLC is a for-profit philanthropic model. It is important to us that all aspects of our business strive towards the ideals that we represent with our content. 50% of our profits go directly to get more women of color and other Outside Voices elected to public office.

Jennifer Rosen Heinz

Founder and Editor-in-Chief

"We are done using our inside voice. It's time to use our OUTSIDE VOICE. We encourage each to keep learning, pushing, and fighting for a more just and diverse nation."