My son is caring and compassionate and that’s not weakness– it’s strength

Since so many men are upset about this Gillete ad and feel they shouldn’t be told how to raise their sons (among other BS arguments), let me tell you about how my ex and I are raising our own son. And yes, this is absolutely also a great excuse to brag about him.

My son would rather ask someone to calm down and try to figure something out with their words than fight someone.

My son will sometimes ask his mom if he too can get his nails painted because he thinks they look cool.

My son will always apologize and ask how he can do better if you say you’re offended by something he said.

My son will respect your chosen pronouns and who you choose to love. He likes girls, he says, but that doesn’t mean all boys like all girls. Or that they even have to be called boys and girls. 

My son loves his bright pink and bright purple socks. It used to bother him when kids teased him, but now he doesn’t care.

My son would much rather tell you it’s ok and you’ll do better next time instead of telling you that you suck…unless you’re my daughter because, well, siblings.

My son is always getting bumps, bruises, scratches and cuts from playing rough, and he usually just brushes it off, but he would never make fun of anyone who got hurt and cried.

Speaking of crying, physical pain may not make him cry but he cries at other stuff and we tell him all the time it’s ok. He’s working on it.

That is who we are raising, and I would rather have thousands of kids like my son growing up to be men over those that are being raised to hate and mistreat women and keep their emotions in check. 

Tell me I’m raising my son to be weak and I’ll shrug it off and keep on raising him how I am. Say something bad about him and we can fight, though. Yes, I know we’re raising him not to fight, but I’m not raising him to be like me. I’m raising him to be better and stronger than me.