We Should Not Elect Billionaires. Ever.

Billionaires are not your friends.
Billionaires did not get where they are by being fair.
Billionaires do not have your best interests in mind.
Billionaires are not smarter than you or I, but they’re more ruthless and self-serving.
Just because a billionaire wants to self-fund his campaign, doesn’t make it a good idea.
It means that he can outspend every other candidate and use his money and resources to bully everyone else out of the race.

Billionaires aren’t beholden to being likable or competent or honest.
Billionaires are never going to redistribute their wealth. If they were, they already would have done so.
Billionaires aren’t good people because they may give money to good causes. They could have far more impact by changing the system so that no one can become a billionaire.
Billionaires who do things like cure diseases or fund pet projects are not acting in global best interests, they’re always acting on what they deem as the best.
Billionaires are by and large cis white men who have gained capital by exploiting the labor of others without proper recompense.
Billionaires are not independent.
Billionaires are dependent on money and attention, and they will always always choose those two things above everything else. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be billionaires.

Might does not equal right.
Money in the world equals power, and there’s no reason to trust someone who already has too much power with more of it.
Having more money does not convey moral, intellectual, or political authority or goodness.
You, reading this right now, will never be a billionaire. Never. Not ever.
Billionaires are ok with gross inequality– living in gilded cages while people sleep on the streets.
Billionaires think that they have inherently more value than other human beings.
Billionaires benefit from systemic inequality. Billionaires profit from patriarchy and racism and environmental damage and injustice.

Do not trust a billionaire.
Do not elect a billionaire.
Do. Not.