Gratitudes January 14, 2019

A full fortnight of the young year has swept by.

Changing the patterns, adding something new to daily life, can slow the passage of the hours. It’s habit and disengagement that makes time move more swiftly. Remember being a child, and how summer used to stretch forever?

Pressing ‘pause’ and appreciating small gifts: that, too, can slow the days and serve as a reminder that, even in harrowing or hectic days, there is reason to feel joy.


The cats let me go back to sleep, and then let me dream through dawn

Branches lacing the sky

Revising a storytelling lesson plan to give a safer platform to a brave intelligent student who lives in a shelter

Walls and snugly fitted windows

It is quiet here

The tiny dry leaf that is clinging to the topmost tip of the nearest tree

The ability and liberty to walk