This sticker says a lot about who we are

safe_placeRead this sticker, on a local diner in my neighborhood, and consider what it means about the state of our country.

If you don’t feel physically ill, replace “LGBTQ” with another people group.

Women. Immigrant. Black. Brown.

Do you get it yet?


How about “Christian”.

Imagine a world in which stores advertised SAFE PLACES for Christians who were attacked to hide and call the police.

Oh. Yah. Pretty horrible right?

We aren’t done yet.

Now ask yourself why it took all that mental gymnastics for you to empathize with a human being.

Why does it only hit home when the victim sounds like you?

The war being fought in America isn’t over family values. The war being fought is over our very HUMANITY. Our ability to love each other.

Or, my God, simply not hate each other.

We can do better. We have to.

And today I challenge you: Use your voice and make your Facebook page A SAFE PLACE for your LGBTQ friends.

And don’t you stop until door stickers like this one are rendered unnecessary.