A request, in anticipation of armchair quarterbacking about midterm outcomes

Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

Before you start in with all your “Candidate X should’ve done Y” and “Party A should’ve done C” and on and on and on …

Ask yourself: what did I do?

Since the debacle that was the November 2016 election, what did you do? How did you contribute?

Did you donate money to candidates or parties?

Did you attend rallies or protests?

Did you contact legislators via text, email, phone, fax, or snail mail?

Did you run for office?

Did you volunteer for someone running for office?

Did you read any books to better educate yourself?

Did you do anything to help other people better educate themselves?

Did you help anyone vote?

Did you help people get to the polls?

Did you join any organizations that help issues/causes important to you?

I could go on.

But I would love it if everyone could have their own come to Jesus moment about their own engagement before criticizing other people’s.

I’ve/we’ve been on the ugly end of those criticisms plenty and it’s pretty tiresome, especially when you see that many of the squawkers don’t, themselves, do anything, but squawk.